Protect your charging port (magnetic USB cable)

The age old problem…well as long as cell phones existed is the dreaded charging port repair. Which is why it is massively important to learn how to protect charging port. Yes it is possible to protect your port so stay tuned for the full discord.

The solution is a magnetic USB charging cable. Sound weirds if you never heard about them before. In a nutshell, one end of the charger stays in your charging port and the other end goes into that part of the phone MAGNETICALLY. Meaning that when the cable and phone are in the same vicinity the magnetic bit attaches automatically and charges your device.

There are rubber versions of this by why use that if you have to remove it to charge your device? Exactly. This functional plug stays in your device which is even better for the lifetime of your device.

These cables are available for iPhone using a magnetic lightning cable as well as all other typical connectors such as type-c and micro USB. Also note that all devices do not use the same type of cable for example oneplus warp and dash charging technology. A warp charge magnetic cable is needed for those devices, they generally support a larger/higher current to support the technology.

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