Digital Marketing and Web Design – Why are you hemorrhaging money on tv ads?

Therefore instead of hiring a traditional marketing company we now have to look into Barbados Digital Marketing companies. Kromium Digital is a Barbados Web Design company in Barbados check out their page for some of the sites they have worked on.

The above sentences alone may be confusing. Don’t worry it will make sense below:

What is the difference between marketing in the 2000s vs marketing in 2018? I’ll tell you. Now over 50% of purchases worldwide are not only made from an electronic device but a mobile device nonetheless. Now we can’t market directly to people but we can to the devices they use.  Therefore television, radio, and physical media even though widely used are quickly growing obsolete.

What is the philosophy for reaching people?

Become involved in what they love and engage in everyday life. Let’s target this even further. Let’s target the devices they use every day even more than their television or cars. Their phones.

Let’s target their emails which are checked daily, the social media platforms they log in each day for news or status updates or even to play games.

Social media is such a broad term currently there are over 25 social media platforms. That is 25 hundred by the way. How do we know which ones to target?

It’s simple which ones do you use most in your everyday life?

Almost every day we check emails.

We communicate using WhatsApp, iMessage, WeChat.

We log into Facebook and stalk other users’ Instagram profiles (trust me, a lot of people do. This was and still is one of Facebook’s main attractions).

We no longer just sit on the couch and watch television to relax after a long day.

Which leaves the question what should you look for in a digital marketing company?

Services of a Digital Marketing company

Web Design

A website is like a virtual storefront that your customers can enter from the comfort of their homes. This store can be customized to collect valuable information from your customers, such as their email addresses from free offers and newsletters, browsing habits to help you suggest relevant products, and more to them. Now you can target these customers at any time you want via a simple email.


How often do you get emails?

Probably daily with all sorts of topics and suggestions. If you are an Apple fan you are waiting for that launch email from Apple to buy your new iDevice. Email is one of the old forms of online communication but is still very heavily used for communication. Once your company has someone’s email, you have access to their eyes for life (unless they change the email). Providing email marketing is done right, that potential customers can be looking forward to your email with the same intensity which you await Apple’s.


Facebook is the social media giant of the web with over 2 billion users. Two billion – and that number is growing every day! It would be insane for any modern business to not have a Facebook page. Of course, not all businesses want to advertise their services so prominently. Such as a funeral home, gun retails, and such but chances are these are not you. Some Facebook pages have millions of followers and don’t even offer a product or service. What do you think a link to your business for a relevant Facebook group will do for your business? Or furthermore having a page up for your business.


If you have a visually appealing product such as jewelry, watches, clothes – Instagram is a potential untapped goldmine. Did you know if the Kardashians post a sponsored product they are paid sometimes upwards of a million dollars? If the big companies are paying this much for Instagram exposure why doesn’t your business have at least a page? Instagram is one of the newer popular social media platforms but is still extremely underutilized.

Bottom line is… you are literally missing out on more than half your business’s revenue potential if you do not have a web presence. Whether that be social media platforms or websites or both (better). Step into the future and upgrade your marketing strategies it will keep some change in your pockets while adding even more.

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