Book to Movies of 2017 – Jumanji, Harry Potter and IT

What is the best thing to happen in the past 3 years for bookies and movie connoisseur? Actually, let us rephrase that, book to movie adaptations were around for quite some time but recently the number of adaptations and remakes has increased. From popular children’s books like “Jumanji” and the “Jungle Book” to memoirs like “American Sniper” and “Wild From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail”.

Speaking of Jumanji which is starring the rock, by the way, is not the first adaptation of the book. The first was actually in the 90’s. The 2017 adaptation is actually Jumanji 2. It by Stephen King is also another top upcoming novel to film adaptation. If you haven’t read it as yet, grap a copy the IT pdf before the movie is released.

For all you Harry Potter fans I am sorry to disappoint but there is no movie planned for the latest novel, The Cursed Child. But on the other hand, “Fantastic Beast” is scheduled to have 3 movies.

What do you think of the rise in blockbuster book to movie adaptations? If you would like to keep track of popular releases while reminiscing of past adaptations follow these guys on fb.

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