Never Have Ever Online Games

Looking for an online game to play with a good friend or even alone? Want to test your experiences against the world? Then you should try playing, I have never online. They not only show you the number of votes for each answer but include the percentage of the majority and minority, letting you know which category you are in. The questions are suited for everyone from dirty, adult questions to clean, funny and teenage questions. There is something for everyone!

Some sample questions include:
Never have I even been in a relationship.
Never have I ever broken the law while driving.
Never have I even gone more than 3 days without bathing.
Never have I ever rode a horse.
Never have I ever been in a car accident.
For more info check out this list.

…just to name a few. Interested in what the world voted? Or just want to share your experience. How about this? Meet new people by their never have I ever answers. Be truthful and you will meet your soul mate, possibly. Or at least a cool pen pal with similar interests.

Ever more info from their Twitter page.

Truths and Lie

Don’t let long distance or phone privileges stop you from exploring each other. Play Truths and Lies online to help you explore your friend or partner. Ask about their day, a past event or just play the fool and have fun! So how does it work?

Using T & L

It is quite simple current there is only one game mode which is “Two Truths one Lie”. If you have played this game before with a friend then it is the same steps but online.

Step 1: Someone types 3 statements one of which is a lie. And submits their information.

Step 2: The second user then has to choose which is the lie. If they guessed correctly then both plays will be notified.

Step 3: The second player then has to submit their truths and lies.

Step 4: Repeat until dying of laughter.